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Rules 3X3

  • Number of players in the team: 3+1 (optional) per rotation, the team is obliged to provide uniform team shirts.

  • Each player can only play for 1 team! Players start at their own risk!


Rules of the game:
  • The match is controlled by two referees: the active referee and the scorer.

  • The playing time is 10 minutes of rough time and the team with the highest score at the end or the team that has reached 21 points before the end of the playing time wins, the value of a field goal is 1 point, from beyond the 3-point line is 2 points if the game ends in a tie, "sudden death" is played.

  • The time for the attack is about 12 seconds, if the attacking team will be in possession of the ball for a longer time, the referee will warn by counting down 5 seconds, when the ball must touch the rim or the defending team will continue the game.

  • Before the start of the match, possession of the ball is determined or, in the case of undecided situations, by "scissors" (rock-scissors-paper).

  • At the start, interruption of the game, the so-called "BALL CHECKING" will take place = passing the ball to the opponent beyond the boundary of the three-point arc.

  • After winning the ball by the defending team (gain, rebound of the rebound, block, etc.), it is necessary to transport the ball beyond the border of the three-point arc, then the team can attack and threaten the basket.

  • Substitution of players is "hockey".

  • If the ball lands in the backfield, the subsequent possession of the ball is decided by the last touch of the player of the given team.

  • Fouls - The fouled team begins the game beyond the three-point arc by serving the ball. A fouled basket counts, no free throws, and the defending team continues the game. After an intentional foul and a basket, the offensive team remains in possession of the ball. Unsportsmanlike fouls from the game are punished by shooting one free throw (pays for 1 point). An unsportsmanlike foul is a player's personal foul which, in the opinion of the observer, is not a legal attempt to play the ball directly within the spirit and meaning of the rules.

  • In case of unsportsmanlike behavior, repeated unsportsmanlike fouls and inciting fights, the organizer reserves the right to exclude players from the tournament.

  • Any ambiguities are resolved by the tournament organizer, who also reserves the right to modify the rules!

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