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Summer Time Grind: block #1

Su 14. - Fr 19. July 2024 | 12:30
Place: ???
Price: ???
Until 31.1. registration just for players born in 2009 and younger.

This is not regular camp. This is summer training program, which will help you get your skills to the new level.


You got what it takes? Are you determined to go all in and make the most of your off-season? Yes? You are right here!

Take your game to a whole new level!

Our goal is to create an elite training experience for the most dedicated players who want to get the most out of their off-season.


A unique opportunity to improve your movement and basketball skills, thanks to which you will gain more confidence and the ability to score in the game.

There is no upper age limit or skill level requirement! The only requirement is your desire to improve! Male and female players will be divided according to their similar skill level, but they will spend time and get to know all athletes of different calibers.

This program is limited to 24 spots, so players will train in a group no bigger than 6 people and get the most personal and individual approach possible.


What you can expect:

  • Developing your basketball skills

  • Game situations and training sessions where you learn to make the right decisions in critical moments

  • Strength, fitness and neurocognitive training

  • Consultations with our trainers throughout the week

  • Access to our recovery services

  • Relaxation sessions every evening

  • Workshops for personal development

  • Game evenings 2-3 times a week

  • 1v1 tournament for the title "King of the Court"

  • Batch of photos from Dan

  • Original Off-Season Grind t-shirt


Players will stay in the gym with our coaches who are available 24/7 to make sure everything runs smoothly and makes the stay as rewarding and enjoyable as possible for the players.

  • Food: every day we provide a light breakfast, lunch, dinner and small snacks for the players to keep them ready to practice and play.

  • Accommodation: is provided including all social facilities (wc, showers, kitchen).

  • Transportation: on request, we can provide players with transportation from the train station on the first and last day

Example of daily schedule:

07:00 Wake up + Breakfast

08:00 Skills development with Pavel Mňuk

09:00 Snack and recovery

10:00 Performance training with Jan Bodnar

11:00 Lunch and relax (hanging out with other players, watching a movie or other training sessions, etc.)

14:00 Shooting practice

14:45 Development of neurocognitive functions

15:30 Relax + free time (use of regeneration services)

17:00 Outdoor activities (swimming pool, beach volleyball, ...) 1-2 times a week

18:00 Dinner

19:00 Game night 2-3 times during the week

20:15 Workshop 3 times during the week

22:00 Relaxation session​



Choose option

Thank you, for your registration!

Konec registrací.
  • ​​​More then 60 days before Off-Season Grind = 100%

  • More then 30 days, but less then 60 days before Off-Season Grind = 50%

  • Less then 30 days but more then 14 days before Off-Season Grind = 25%

  • Less then 14 days before Off-Season Grind = 0%


Cancellation Policy

Terms and Conditions:

  • Participants starts in our training program at their own risk. The organizers are not responsible for injuries that occur during the program. We recommend that participants take out accident insurance.

  • ​Organizers reserves the right to exclude from the program without compensation those who grossly violate the principles of decent behavior, use alcohol, cigarettes or other addictive substances.

  • In case of greater interest, the organizers reserve the right to select players to the program regardless of the order in which they applied.

  • Before the start, each participant must submit a completed sworn statement about the absence of symptoms of a viral disease.

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